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Image by Eneko Uruñuela
Image by Lukasz Szmigiel


My other half-the Khemyst in the Kitchen introduced me to training on an empty stomach to optimize my body’s use of glucose and for health and longevity. Exercising while fasting..whaaaa??!?! Really?? After sleep, we need to eat break FAST before exercise right? Not really. Truth is that when in a fasted state, like after a night of sleep, our bodies use triglycerides (TG) to generate energy or Acetyl CoA (which is needed for energy production). Seems yogi’s, monks, Kungfu masters and others from ancient cultures that studied fasting extensively were on to something well before the advent of modern medicine! We’ve briefly discussed TG’s before, but for a recap… In excess, they can be responsible for high blood pressure, arterial constriction, stroke, and heart attacks among other unpleasantries o). Where are TG’s stored? They are stored as excess fat on our bodies. A great resource for fasting and exercise is a book by Dr. Jason Fung MD called The Complete Guide to Fasting! Check it out! Health is accessible for everyone. Let’s get it done! 😊

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