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​How do you define who you are? How do your actions align with this definition? Do you place limitations on yourself with finite labels and limited expectations interwoven with fear, doubts, and discouragement? Do you choose activities, friends, foods, and thoughts that add to this limiting belief system? Or do you set your wheels of infinite possibilities into motion, open to new limitless adventures, overflowing with joy, creativity, and wonderment? The Living Needle is a sacred vessel for evolutionary health. An ever changing,

continuously evolving neural synaptic constellation. Like a vibrant healthy tree reaching out to the multiverse, receptive to infinite wisdom, this living dynamic organism transmits life giving energy deep into the earth, spreading its intricate vast roots systems to promote unity and thriving diverse ecosystems. We too can become a living needle intertwined with life giving energy, promoting vitality and balance in ourselves and beyond. A boundless universe of stars rooted deeply in a belief system that dreaming and manifesting a reality without boundaries exists within our core. Through healthy proactive choices rooted in mindfulness, humility, honesty, and courage, every person can become a Living Needle. By centering our hearts with pure love, appreciation, and thankfulness our actions can reflect a perfect alignment with creation and the infinite restorative balancing qualities we find so abundantly in nature. Every thought, decision, and action taken can connect us to infinite health simultaneously dissolving personal and cultural barriers intertwined with lack and fear. We invite you to join us in your personal quest to become the Living Needle.

My Spirit Speaks... on Being The Living Needle

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